The first of many. At question is: should I invest in one of those yarn ball making things? What are they called? =/


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Baby Hats

WordPress has this new editing system. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Is it better? I don’t know- I’m still trying to navigate through.

One of my coworkers requested some hats for her grandchildren. They aren’t born yet, I don’t think, but always be prepared, I suppose- especially when it comes to having little children.

She asked for them in green, because blue is too typical for boys. Green is a rather neutral color and one of favorites! Twas an excellent choice. I even added a little pompom on top for some flare, and to give it a pop of color.

baby hat

Baby heads are so tiny! They are such cute little hats. Usually a hat takes me an hour or two, but these were done in about 30 minutes- pompoms included. They’re just soooo small- like the size of my fist.

Happy Crocheting! Until next time!


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September 2014 Yarnbox

Well, hello! I’m very excited, because this is my last week of work at my current place, and I will be starting a new job soon! :D I will be 100% a chemist there! Yay!

To add to the excitement, the September Yarnbox has arrived

sept 2014 yarnbox

This month there were three skeins of yarn from Delicious Yarns. They’re a cute shop, as all their yarn is named after some sort of food, and their labels are made to look like the nutritional fact labels! They are 100% superwash merino in sport weight (and 0 Calories). I got one skein of Blueberry and two skeins of Green Tea. I love the Green Tea color!

The featured designers this month were Taiga Hillard for knitting and Kat Goldin for crochet. Taiga has a free shawl pattern, while Kat has a free geometric scarf pattern available on Kat has this really awesome cardigan pattern on her website. I’m really tempted to buy it…..

Once again, Yarnbox has sent some amazing yarn, and I love it! :D

Happy Crocheting!


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I’ve noticed that I seem to post a lot in the beginning and end of the month, but there’s just dead silence in the middle. That’s one way to do, I suppose. Hahaha! I think once these craft fairs are over, I might have a little more time to make things I want to, you know? It’s been a while, since I’ve actually done something for me, instead of just as a thing (squares, craft fair stuff, requests). Speaking of requests, here’s one!

My cousin requested a few things a little while ago, and so I made them.

First, he is a huge fan of the canceled too soon show, “Firefly.” (It really was a great show, probably one of my top 5.) This particular scene is what he was going for, I think….

So, in a strong effort, I made a blue dinosaur with green plates and an orange T-rex.

Way cuter than that scene, but I think that’ll be acceptable. (It’s cute, Al, you can deal with it! :P)

Then he had bought a 3DS, and wanted a case, so I made him one as well:

This was done without a pattern, so I’m happy how it turned out! Bags are so easy to make. This is a drawstring bag too, and it was actually really simple to do (I also just improvised that). Overall, doing this free hand- it came out great!


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Fall Out of Summer Festival Recap!

This Sunday was the Fall Out of Summer Festival! There was some nice tables there with a lot of different types of art. The live music was nice. And FOOD. <3 The day started well, and the clouds just kept coming until it was down pouring at one point, and the show ended earlier. Soo…

It was not as successful as I had hoped, but it was fun. I really like having a table at craft shows. I may not be as awesome as some other people, but it’s usually fun to say hi, and show people, “Hey, this is what you can do with yarn! Isn’t it the coolest?” I made more sales than the last time, which means more people have yarn in their possession now! :) Soon, yarn will take over the world- haha.

Since the last time, I’ve learned a few things, and I’ve also had a lot more practice with doing tables, so this time is slightly better. I also had a very nice helper- pictured below (Thanks, T!), so that was good.

I got the idea for the banner thing online, and it took 2 hours of solid cutting and gluing paper together. Learned something that night: paper crafts can be hard!

Other than that, I think my display was pretty decent. Not pro, but good enough that I’m very happy with it.

I’ll have another show in less than two weeks on Oct 4th, and then a couple in November for the holidays. At the rate this is going, I have a lot of stock, so I don’t really need to worry as much. :P


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Hair Things

I’ve been experimenting with quick things to make for craft shows, and these hair things are super quick to do. I really do love sashay yarn- makes everything look pretty, but also super easy to do.

Also, FYI, it’s really hard to take pictures of your own hair. Sorry for the poor lighting and quality… I tried my best, but I was just so excited to show you.




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Accepted! :D

Good news & bad news.

Good: My application to be a vendor at the Fall Out of Summer Arts Festival in Cranston, RI, has been accepted!

Bad: I’m only slightly prepared, and will probably be crocheting like a mad woman for the next 2 weeks.

If you’re around come and see! Admission is $1 and free for children under 12.

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August 2014 Yarnbox

Well, for everyone that took a bet, whoever thought that I was actually going to finish making all the squares by the end of August, you lost. So sorry.

Clearly, I got distracted once again, so here we are.

Moving on, this month’s Yarnbox is fantastic! In fact, the Yarnbox did not come in a box this month, but a very large bag instead!

august yarnbox

These are huge skeins of yarn- how exciting, right? It is perfect for the coming colder months. This is Imperial Yarn from Oregon, 100% wool in three colors: natural, quail, and pearl grey. It is a nice thick yarn, and was apparently used to make the sweaters for Team USA during the Sochi Olympics. These colors really go well together, so I might be able to use them together for one project. Hmm…. oh, the possibilities.

The featured designer this month is Melissa Leapman. She has over 800 patterns printed! How impressive this that?!

Am I making progress? I don’t know. But I do know that my love of yarn has not ceased, and I will continue forth in my quest for something. :)

Happy crocheting!


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Hello August!

August has arrived!! I still can’t understand my excitement for this particular month, but yay!!

Yesterday I watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was really good! :D Completely met expectations.

Now, it’s been rainy and cloudy around here lately. This is what I see when I look outside:

Skies are gray.

Still, the lighting was good enough that I took some pictures today of my CAL squares. I’m slowly inching towards #100.

But you know what’s not slow? I went to the craft store today to buy some more yarn, and there was already Halloween items out! Can you believe that?

Anyway, back to the squares:

93. Sequence Stripes: Just looking at the pattern in the book, I thought it was going to be a boring single crochet square, but it’s a little more interesting. Like garnishing a drink with a lime- only a little bit more interesting.
squenced stripes

94. Gothic Square: I am highly pleased with my color choices here. Light and dark always work so well together. It really makes the orange and cream bits pop out. I don’t know if the picture is very good- it’s a brown border.gothic square

95. Kingcup: I had no idea what “Kingcup” meant. Apparently, it is a flower- it’s another name for a marsh marigold (also had not heard of). However, the flower does look pretty in photos. I suppose if I knew it was a marigold, I’d make the color yellow. Alas, it was not to be, so here we are:

I’m happy with these. I will be traveling this week for work (just a trip to New Jersey), so I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the crocheting, but I’ll bring some yarn with me as always. ;)


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Today’s the Day!

Well, here we are at July 31st. (Happy Birthday, Harry Potter?) I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a month to END. I’m not really sure why. There’s really nothing extra exciting happening in the following months, so why this particular month I just want to be over is actually fairly puzzling. I’ve never been more excited to flip the calender page.

But this month was also the Finish It Challenge, and I’ve FAILED. Hohoho- no surprise there. I should just stick to my usual motto: “Aim low and hope for the best.”

My best will be to finish the rest by the end of the August. Are you going to take bets to see if it’s actually going to happen? Cheers to the winner! The outcome will be revealed in 1 month.

In the meantime, here are four squares to show that I physically did do SOMETHING.

89. Spinner: I love this one! I would totally make a whole blanket with this in different colors. Image how cool it would be: circles and squares.

90. Bright Triangles: Questioning my color choices here. It looks like a pumpkin. Also, I just don’t really like this pattern. It’s bland.
bright squares

91. Terraces: This is beautiful! How is this not the cutest square in the whole book? It’s just so colorful!

92. Victorian Lace: The lace squares are always my favorite to construct. They end up looking really nice, but they also have the most variance in the pattern- it’s fun.
victorian lace

Soon I will be at 100, and then only 28 more! I’m so ready to use up some yarn. There’s just so much! I want to start other projects! Happy crocheting!

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