A Feast of Ice and Fire!

As I mentioned yesterday, I cooked a feast yesterday to watch Game of Thrones (and Mad Men right after)! Here’s how it turned out:

feast for game of thrones

Let’s go over all this food, shall we?

First, I baked some Crusty White Bread. I let the dough raise overnight in the fridge, and was able to make 3 loaves, just like the recipe called for. There was a beet soup. It was actually very vinegary tasting, and I wasn’t a huge fan. The main dish was a rack of lamb, which is actually really easy to make! I was pleasantly surprised. For sides, I made buttered carrots and buttered turnips. The turnips actually ended up tasting like mashed potatoes. Finally, for dessert, there were Arya’s tarts and Sansa’s Lemon Cakes. To go with all this, some mulled wine, which taste like sangria.

The lemon cakes were actually from a recipe from Living Better Together. It was my first time making candied lemons, and they’re really good! The cake is really dense, and gets lighter toward the bottom. Aren’t they pretty?

sansa lemon cakes

It was a really good meal to enjoy with a really good show!

The next post will probably return to some yarn! :D Until then, happy eating and crocheting!

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Breakfast at Dorne

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! This year I found this book! I am basically having an all day cook off to prepare for a feast when Game of Thrones is on tonight. I’m pretty sure I’ll do a recap of the food in a later post.


A Feast of Ice and Fire! How can one not be excited?!

This book is actually really cool. It has a medieval version of a recipe and a modern version too. Also, they recommend what particular recipes pair well with each other.

The only downside to the book is that some of the things in this book are definitely for UK people, because I have no idea where to buy blood sausage, quail, mutton, wild boar, or turnip greens in the USA. Also, there’s a recipe for rattlesnake, and I don’t think it’s attainable on the east coast. And if anyone hunts rabbit, I’d really like some meat! :) But, I think I can substitute quail with cornish hens. Other than that, there are a lot of other things I can make in it.

For example, for breakfast this morning, I made a complete breakfast feast!

breakfast at dorne

Breakfast at Dorne

Here is Breakfast at Dorne, which has a Middle-Eastern vibe to it. There is scrambled eggs with a large mix of peppers, as well as a pepper side dish. Really colorful, right? It’s paired with some fingerfish, which is basically deep fried anchovies/sardines (LOVE IT) and flatbread. That bread took me about 3 hours to make. It was crazy, but I love it! Finally, I made some lemonsweet, which is a mix of lemon and orange juice. I bought a juicer for this purpose- completely worth it!

Then later on today, I made some tarts.

arya's snitched tarts

This is the medieval version entitled Arya’s Snitched Tarts. They taste very good! I had to boil some red wine and honey, add some fruit to that, candy some walnuts, and fry some sweet dough. The dough is suppose to be crispy and when it soaks up the wine mixture, it’s suppose to soften. I didn’t wait for it to soften, and it still was delicious! I made about 50 tarts. O_O The book says that British readers will recognize this as ancestors to the Jammie Dodger, which I looked up and to US readers, it’s like a cookie with jam on top. This does taste like that, but it’s definitely not jam!

Overall, not a bad Easter Sunday so far. It has definitely been a fat Sunday- hahaha! :D

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Candy Colored!

Malaysia was great! It was hot and humid and I mostly stayed in a hotel the whole time but it was a really great work experience. The flight was really long. We made stops in Washington DC, Tokyo, and Singapore. So the number of hours I’ve spent traveling these past three months is, to summarize, a lot! While I’ve enjoyed it, it’s nice to be home with my yarn again.

It took me a while and this isn’t as useful anymore because the weather is warming up. I’ll be able to use it next year though. I was excited about the yarn. The colors remind me of cotton candy! It was on sale on Knitpicks.


Even though it feels thin, it is actually very warm. I made it extra long so I can wrap it around a few times. It’s an infinity scarf even though it probably looks nothing like that in the picture. In fact, I look like some colorful bandit or something there- hahaha! It’s the colors that matter! They’re so pretty!

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March 2014 Yarnbox!

Anyone doing the NCAA bracket? My bracket is not doing so well. I’m running the office pool at work, and nobody got the whole Duke/UMass thing. That was a killer. Good luck if you are doing the bracket, and let’s move on if you’re not interested.

This month’s Yarnbox has yarn all the way from Switzerland! The company is called Siidegarte, and they’re run by two moms. They sent out a 50% silk and 50% merino blend called Siide-Flauschig. Two colorways were available to subscribers: an olive green color called Aichblatt and a teal color called Bachbumele. (I’m really glad I don’t have to say any of these words out loud, because that is a disaster just waiting to happen.) These usually go for $29 a skein!

I got the teal color and it is so bright! I love it!

The featured designers this month were Deja Jetmir for crocheting with a free cowl pattern and Alex Tinsley for knitting with a free hat pattern.

march 2014 yarnbox

It’s yarn-tastic!

This is my last month in my 6 month subscription, but I think I’m definitely going to resubscribe. Worth it! :D


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It’s the 75th!

I’m going to Malaysia for work! I just checked the weather there and it says it’s suppose to be in the 90s and thunderstorms all week. I think I’m okay with this. The weather here is okay; it hasn’t been too bad lately. Spring is a bit in the air, but still lacking. However, I’m not sure I’m ready to just dive into 90 degree weather. Also, all my summer clothes are packed away, so I’ll have to dig some stuff out.

Anyway, I found this setting on my camera that’s actually for taking pictures of food, but it works really great on taking pictures of my crochet squares! It’s good on the colors of the squares. Check out these lovely squares:

73. Catherine Wheel: In the book, this was a dark square (looks a bit goth, actually- reference to St. Catherine?), so I decided to have some brown in there to make it darker. I like how the outside has this grid shape.
catherine wheel

74. Seville: I think this is in reference to the Giralda in Seville, Spain. I’ve always wanted to visit! Spain is probably my #1 country that I want to visit. Moving on, this square has the grid thing again on the edges, and overall is a very lacy pattern, which I really love!
75. Half & Half: If this wasn’t easy, then I don’t know what it. Also, starting with this square, the some squares that follow (shown in a later post- soon hopefully) all seem to be a bit rectangular. I don’t think I’m doing anything differently. Anyway, here’s one of my favorite color combinations! The food feature was really useful here, but without it the purple was coming out as blue, but now it’s clearly purple. :D
half and half
Happy Sunday, Everyone! Hope there’s lots of yarn in your future!


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A Slouchy Hat that Worked!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been on a quest for the perfect slouchy hat. Then, recently, my friend requested a hat. This would be the perfect chance to try to make a slouchy hat!

I found a good pattern by Justine Walley, because she has some really good hat patterns. You may notice that I’ve tried one of her hat patterns before.

This hat is her Julia Slouchy Hat pattern. I loved the cable band around the hat! At first, the cable pattern was difficult to understand. There was crossing and skipping, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t bad. For once, it hung loose and actually looks like a slouchy hat- it actually slouches!

julia slouchy hat

My friend had requested a “super hipster looking hat.” This fits the criteria, right? :D

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CAL #70-72

I wanted to post these over the weekend, but then I got distracted. So, while I wait for my flight to Chicago and hope it’s not too cold there, here are CAL #70-72.

70. ZigZag: This is a single crochet square. It was actually a little difficult to get it at first, because it was confusing on how to carry the yarn through, but I think I made out okay.

71. StarFlower: This is probably one of my favorite color combos (besides green and purple), as I’m starting to notice they pop up in my squares very often. The star in the middle is really pretty!
72. Ribbed Square: This is actually a really common pattern that I use for hat brims because it’s really good at stretching.
ribbed squareI’m hoping to finish another square, so that I can post the next bunch by mid-next week! Until next time, happy crocheting!


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February Yarnbox: Feeling the Love

There’s nothing better than returning from a really long trip to find a box a yarn! Woo~!

February 2014 Yarnbox: feeling the love

The yarn this month is sooo colorful! There were two featured yarn suppliers again this month. Some people got Happy Fuzzy Yarn’s Corrie Sock, but that colorful yarn in the picture is from Phydeaux Designs. They have some beautiful colorways- you should definitely take a look. FYI, I want all of them! I received their Caresse line, which is their worsted weight yarn, in Calypso. It is 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon. One skein typically runs $26, and I have two! So excited for this. It’s just so colorful; I can’t stop looking at them.

The featured designers this month were Kitman Figueroa for knitting and Lily Prajogo for crochet. Both of them have provided beautiful shawl patterns.

I’m very pleased with the yarn this month! It’s just so colorful!! :D


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Winters in Cali and CAL #67-69

After a very interesting trip back, here I am at home! Finally!

My coworker and I reached Washington DC for our layover, but then the flight back home got canceled (something about the crew)! :( There were no flights back until next week, so we rented a car and drove all the way back to Rhode Island (~8 hours+stops). On the plus side, I got along with my coworker the whole time and even after spending all the time with him, I still don’t hate him. You know, sometimes you just spend a lot of time with someone during a stressful situation, and you just can’t stand them anymore. Didn’t happen!

In California, after the trade show was over, we wanted to visit Napa Valley, but that was a bit of a long drive, so we decided to go to Winters, CA instead. This is the cutest little town with a population of about 6800 people. There we found some wine (and even as a person who usually dislikes wine, it was good), cheese, and steak! I also found a yarn store there: Spin-a-Yarn. It was great! Since my coworker took me into an electronic cigarette store earlier in the week (Who knew there were whole stores for that purpose? It was pretty neat actually), it was only fair that we went into a yarn shop. I would highly recommend visiting this town!

spin a yarn cozy knitting area

Spin-a-Yarn Store!

Anyway, let’s move on to some CAL squares. I have some mixed opinions about this batch.

67. American Beauty: Love this one! 3D flowers on squares are really fun!
american beauty

68. Red, White, & Blue: I don’t really know what happened here…. I’m hoping it’ll stretch out when I sew the blocks together?
red white and blue

69. Fudge: On this page, we mostly had brown shaded squares, so one of the colors is actually brown, but otherwise, I went with other colors. I liked how this one turned out.
Happy crocheting! I’m going to post about my February Yarnbox tomorrow! I got it in the mail, and it’s really pretty. Can’t wait to show you!


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CAL #64-66

Yesterday was fairly delightful. I rushed to get all my errands done by 10AM (I’m really good at fast grocery shopping), and then I dropped more money than I should’ve at Kohl’s (I have a problem when I walk in that store), and quickly made it back to my apartment before the snow got too bad, and spent the rest of the day with my TV and yarn. I did manage to finally finish that one square that was taking forever and can move on. :) Today’s not so bad either, but I think I feel ANOTHER cold coming on. Ugh, pick it up, Immune System, pick it up.

I have a business trip coming up on Tuesday to go to California! That’s going to be a huge weather change for sure. For now, let’s just hope I don’t get sick… again.

I have uploaded 3 lovely squares today. I was finally able to get some light into the apartment! Since all the leaves have fallen off, and the snow reflects so much light, a lot of light has been able to get into the apartment. They’re still a bit blurry- I need to work on my picture taking skills.

64. Sunshine Lace: This was simple enough. I think a whole blanket made with this one square with different colors would look nice.
sunshine lace

65. Patriotic Sunburst: It does say “patriotic,” so I couldn’t just ignore that- good ole red, white, and blue. (Actually, the entire page featured red, white, and blue squares.) It also fits in nicely with the Olympics! Have you been watching? Figure skating is great!
patriotic sunburst
66. Abstract: Here we have another single crochet square. While boring to make, once again, the pattern comes out nicely. Maybe I should blow up this pattern, make it large enough for a canvas, and sell it for thousands and thousands of dollars, like a real abstract painting. ;)
I’ll post a few more squares when I get back from my trip. Until then, happy crocheting!

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