CAL #117, #121, #125

Allergy season is finally here, and it is bad. Eyes, nose, sometimes even my ears- so itchy! It’s like the plants thought, “Oh, you had a record setting winter? We can make it way worst for you.” No worries though, because there been a sudden heat spike, so hopefully, everything will bloom faster, and it’ll be over and done with by the end of May.

Speaking of the heat spike, I just switched out my winter clothes! Summer warmth, please be kind this year!

This usually means a decrease in my desire to touch yarn. Mostly, all fabrics. I try to wear as little as possible in the summer. There may be a slow decline in how far I manage to get in my projects from now until the end of August. Crocheting is a winter hobby for many.

117. Granny in the Middle: You can’t go wrong with granny squares.

121. Coral Seas: The name is based on the colors they used in the book. Mine is probably “Spring Flower” or something.

125. Triple Stripes: I wanted to try the green as an accent, rather than as a main color. I don’t know if using the magenta was too much.

Until next time, enjoy the weather and happy crocheting!


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CAL #105, 109, 113

May the Fourth be with you! <3

The craft show is over! Woo-hoo! Now, it’s back to normal. Whatever I want to make and finish projects! :D

The CAL squares are still a work in progress, but the end is in sight! In case, you’re wondering about the weird numbers, the book has now entered this thing where it shows different color combinations and counts them as “new squares.”

105. Double Stripes: Because I totally loooooove single crochet squares…. /sarcasm

109. Four Square: The curling on the edges of this one is bothersome. I’m hoping it’ll straighten up when I sew them all together. It is once again a single crochet square. The colors kinda remind me of autumn.

113. Wisteria: This looks kind of familiar….

Happy Star Wars Day! And until next time, happy crocheting!

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April Yarnbox 2015

In case you were wondering what happened the entire month of April (as it is May, right now), well, I have my first craft show of the year tomorrow, and I was/am freaking out.

Turns out, my usual stock was pretty much sold out by the end of last year, and I was just making as many things as I could. After tomorrow I’ll be in the clear with shows until November, so, hopefully, things will return to normal.

Anyway, here is the April Yarnbox, which I’m not SUPER excited about. This could be due to how I’m still panicking about the craft show and don’t care enough about this.


This month featured yarn from Manos Del Uruguay. There are 3 skeins of 100% wool that are about 126 meters each in a dark grey color. The company seems pretty neat. It’s a non-profit organization that helps women in rural areas. The featured crochet pattern this month is from Janet Brani, who provides a hat and glove pattern. Looks like felting is involved…..

Anyway, I’m going to go back to work on the craft show now. See you on the other side!

Happy crocheting!

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March 2015 Yarnbox!

Last day of March! The snowing is melting. Good things are happening. :D

Yarnbox is a subscription box just for yarn that starts at $35.95/month depending on the plan you choose. This is the classic box with a preference on crocheting (sometimes that makes a difference).

Look how colorful this month is!

The yarn this month comes alllll the way from Germany. Skeino provided two skeins of their Splendid yarn in the color Norma. It is 275 yds, 60% silk, and 40% fine merino. I love how soft it feels! Their website values the yarn at $24.95 per skein.

The featured crochet designer this month is Sophie Wire. She has a pompom handwarmers and hat pattern.

There is also a little sample of a new yarn from Skeino called Venice. It has a glitter center that’s surrounded by baby alpaca. Doesn’t it look pretty close up?

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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A Flower Afghan

One of the projects I want to get down this year is an afghan. I’ve decided that I want to make a flower afghan. I found this pattern a long time ago, and I bought all the yarn for it last year, but didn’t have a chance to really start it. It will take a very long time I think. For starters, it requires 70 squares. That means I have to make 70 of these flowers.

So far, I have about 5. It will definitely take me a while for this! Haha, and this is something I’m doing on the side. There are other things I’m also working on. However, I’m very excited to finally be able to do this!

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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February Yarnbox 2015!

It’s Yarnbox time! After all the snow this winter, being buried in yarn doesn’t seem so bad at all.

Yarnbox is a subscription box just for yarn that starts at $35.95/month depending on the plan you choose.

This month we got two skeins, one from Knitted Wit and the other from Sincere Sheep. Sincere Sheep sent a skein of their Luminous DK yarn in a white/gray color called Cumulus valued at $31. It is 15% Tussah Silk and 85% Polwarth wool. Knitted Wit is a seller on Etsy! This yarn is also 15% silk and 85% Polwarth wool with a value of $22 per skein. It came in a olive green color called Cedar. That’s a total of 660 yards DK weight yarn. :) For a total value of $53! I love this box.

The color combos are great for a super fun project. It’s kinda funny as I’ve been using colors like this more lately, and I been wearing there colors too. It’s a mopey winter- dark and colorless. Monotonous with a hint of life.

This month’s designer is Kira Dulaney, who provides a two tone cowl for crochet. Yarnbox is aiming to incorporate the yarn into the patterns they give, and I really like that idea!

Overall, I’m happy with the box this month!

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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I’ve Entered into the 100s!

Since there are only 30 squares reminding, I figure I can do about 3 squares a month and still can finish off before the end of the year. That sound reasonable. I’m flipping through this book, and I’m really not looking forward to those single crochet squares. :( However, I’m dedicated! I’m in too deep now; I can’t back out now.

I’ve noticed that lately my crocheting has slowed down. I have a strong suspicion it’s my new hours. Before, I’d wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch TV, crochet, and sleep. Now, I wake up, I have all this time to kill before work, but I don’t really have that feeling that I’m going to be able to relax after work. Instead, I know I’m going to do things, and then go to work, come home, and sleep immediately. I might just be anxious to get to work- there is not really a feeling of peace. Not that work is super exciting, but still, it’s an important thing I need to do.

The squares:

99. Baby Bow: Bobbles! I love when you can take a single color and still make a fun pattern.

100. Pastel Delight: Yes. Here is 100. After this is mostly just color variations.

101. Into the Blue: Decided to go with “Into the Pink” instead.

Until next time, happy crocheting!


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Minecraft Spider

Some of my friends are very into Minecraft. I have tried and didn’t get into it. Maybe it’s the open world kind of concept that I don’t really like. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Anyway, as a request, one of my friends asked for something from the game. I present you with a spider!

Even if it is a very blocky spider, it’s still creepy, right? Gah, the shivers are involuntary. It’s probably that red face.

This spider pattern can be found here on Ravelry. It was written by Becca de Kroon, who has a lot of really cute gaming amigurumi patterns.

Actually, there isn’t that much crocheting involved. Just a lot of sewing. Basically, you crochet a lot of rectangles and the legs, and then you use this plastic grid material to form a square.

Ta-da, cube formed! That’s how the spider gets a nice block shape- otherwise, it would probably end up looking a lot rounder.

The legs and the middle connecting piece weren’t bad either. It kind of looks like a person here, right? Hahaha. ;) I thought it was humorus looking.

I wonder what my next big project shall be? I haven’t made anything for myself in a while. Maybe I should get on that.

Happy crochet!

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A Manly Hat?

No work today. It is the Blizzard Juno of 2015. It’s very windy outside, and there’s probably about a little more than a foot of snow when I woke this morning. When I look out the window, it’s really unique to see the snow coming down and then suddenly travel upwards, like gravity doesn’t even matter. In light of an unexpected day off, I plan to crochet and play games for most of the day. Don’t even need to cook today, because I made a really nice pot of soup yesterday that should last the rest of the week probably. (Used an immersion blender for the first time- amazing! So glad I bought it!)

Recently, I attempted to make a hat that was more appealing to men. This is because at craft shows many women will come to my table and ask, “Do you have any hats for men? My husband really needs one.” Of course, I don’t. I make a lot of girly things, that usually appeal to the ages of 5-12. When they ask this, two thoughts will run through my mind:
1. That’s so sweet.
2. He probably thinks he doesn’t need a hat, at least not one without some sort of sport logo on it, cause it’s not good enough for him. He wants to be a “real” man.
The latter is definitely based on experience. I will no longer waste nice yarn making hats and scarves for my male friends unless they specifically ask for it.

This hat is made using the pattern from AG Handmades, and you see it here. I really do love the ribbing, even if it’s a huge yarn eater! If you ignore the feminine looking mannequin head, it looks like it could be for a guy, right? Opinions have tended to range in a score of 7/10 for manly scale. I might have made a bad decision with the yarn colors. It’s actually brown and dark green with the cream.

In my hands the skeins looked way more contrasting, but on the hat, it all blends together. I actually bought this yarn from a fiber arts festival I went to! It was a small festival, but there were a few spinneries there selling their yarn. Most people at this festival were women, and I was one of the younger ones.

This particular yarn is from Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont. If I’m ever there, I would definitely visit. The woman at the booth was very nice and so helpful.

If you’re in the Northeast, stay warm during this storm! As always, happy crocheting!

Meanwhile, outside….



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Yarnbox January 2015

Yesterday was very snowy and wet, yet today is so sunny and nice. I didn’t want to go out at all yesterday, but I really needed some air, so I took a nice stroll to the mailbox. Haha. It was very nice to get some yarn in the mail. :D

The yarn this month is from Feederbrook Farm. It is a really colorful dye job! There’s two skeins of DK weight, 260 yards, 100% wool yarn. This would be great yarn to make a scarf, which are the featured patterns this month from Sarah Jane (crochet) and Sarah Jordan (knitting). Yarnbox is doing a new thing this year, where the patterns that are given are with the yarn in mind. Previously, they were just random patterns. I’m actually really happy about the crochet pattern, especially with this yarn! Sarah Jane is an amazing designer, and I’ve been eyeing a lot of her patterns for a long time (hellooooo, Steampunk corset!!). There are many things I want to make from her! I finally get a chance to!

I’ve been trying to go through my yarn (yarn fasting, if you will) with the exception of Yarnbox, so hopefully, this year there will actually be more room around here, than just my yarn. :P

Happy crocheting!


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