Rnd 1: Ch 5….

The beginning of another pattern usually starts in such a way. (For those not in the know, Rnd = round and Ch = chain). I’ve decided to start a crochet blog, as you can see because you’re here. 🙂 I started crocheting when I was in middle school, but really didn’t dive in until college. I’m now 24 and find myself crocheting almost everyday!

Really? Another blog about crocheting?

That’s right, but more importantly, you found it and clicked on it.  I debated awhile about it, but then thought it would be alright, because I really love hooking away and wanted to share it with everyone who comes across this.  The biggest problem I had with doing this is that crocheting projects take a really long time. Months and months, why are you doing this?  No worries, this way I can keep track of my projects as well, and see the progress I make.

Things I’m not going to this in this blog:

I’m not going to go over how to do this stitch or that one, because there’s like 100s of sites already that tell you how to do it. Google- your best friend for learning new things. There are also 100s of patterns for free out there.

I’m not going to knit or do other crafty projects. There will only be crochet here.

Things I’m definitely going to do:

1) Share my projects.

2) Share patterns I find and want to try.

3) Give really blunt opinions of how outdated most crocheting books are, and other crocheting book reviews when I get a chance.

Once again, the time lag with how long it actually takes to do a project verses how much time I actually have will be a problem, which is why I’ve determined a schedule for how these posts are going to go.

Motif Monday: Where I share patterns I think are cool. Feel free to share some!
Fan Friday: Where I’ll feature someone’s project from other blogs/Pinterest/something like that.
Show & Tell Sunday: Where I’ll discuss my projects.

Three times a week is pretty good.  I’m sure that somewhere between those days I might post about something (like a yarn or crochet book review). Such reviews, however, can’t be very consistent, as I’m not filled with money to buy lots of types of yarn to try or books.

Let’s get this going!



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4 responses to “Rnd 1: Ch 5….

  1. Best wishes to you! Thanks for stopping by my crochet blog!

  2. I like your set up idea, sounds good.

    Also yes, most crochet books are stupidly outdated, even the supposedly modern ones. Or just full of clothes that noone in their right mind would wear. That’s why I love amigurumi and sites like Ravely or multitudes of other blogs out there – much nicer stuff!

  3. I look forward to following your blog. I have just rediscovered crochet after a long absence.

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