Fan Friday: Monkey Hats

Now, I’m not a huge fan of monkeys but hats with ears- so cute! I was looking for some gift ideas for kid hats and came across these, and I may or may not think this kid is like a monkey. 🙂

This is a lovely hat from Etsy seller, BonsEnfants, who makes a bunch of baby hats. I particularly like this one because it’s a nice plain hat. No faces, which makes me wonder, why would you want to wear a face on your head?

What do I mean? When you search for “monkey hats,” it is very common to get something like this:

From Bluejcrochet at Etsy

I’m sure I’m seen that monkey’s face somewhere before, and it’s pretty popular…. Nope, can’t think of it. Anyway, see face. It might be cute as a stuffed animal, but wearing a face, not my kinda thing. At least, this is much less freaky than:

From JamieLynnCreations on Etsy

Gah, just look at it! It’s a mad monkey and wants to eat you.


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One response to “Fan Friday: Monkey Hats

  1. contentedcat

    cute finds!

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