Tasty Cute Crochet

I get most of my books from the library, and last week, I found Tasty Cute by Annie Obaachan.

Attracted by the cupcakes on the cover, I checked it out.

Inside, there are a number of projects like sushi or little candies. Aren’t they cute?

It’s common for people to make these as cat toys. (Fill them with catnip!) However, there are things that I don’t understand. Example:

I guess, you could just frame it? But framed pizza doesn’t seem too appealing… and crochet is about the texture, especially on something as 3D as this. :/ I don’t really know why.

But again, at least you could frame it. The most bizarre project is the salad:

(I couldn’t find a scan online, so I took a picture with my laptop camera, which isn’t that good. Sorry for the low quality.)

You can’t frame that salad, because every leaf, tomato, onion, and egg is a separate piece. In the picture, all these pieces are placed into a wooded salad bowl and you can literally toss it.

I suppose these would all be quite useful for a child’s toy kitchen. This way they’d only put pieces of yarn into their mouths, instead of choke-hazard small plastic pieces.

Would you make a crocheted salad?



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4 responses to “Tasty Cute Crochet

  1. I’m a little baffled by the entire idea of crocheted food to be honest. I suppose they can be used as centre pieces in living rooms and what not or maybe like the cupcakes could be added to a keyring, but I’d rather have the real stuff!

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  3. H.A.

    Hi! I had to comment even though this is old post. I was searching internet for foods to crochet for my daughter as christmas present and found your blog. In my experience crocheted foods are used as toys by kids playing home.

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