S&T Sunday: This hat and I don’t get on.

I have more than a few choice words for this hat. This hat was made a long time ago, when I was still rather inexperienced. The pattern is from Judith Swartz’s Hip to Crochet, which is bit un-hip and boring actually.

Hat pictured in pattern >>>> my hat

Lessons I learned when making this hat:

1. Yarn weight matters.

2. I hate gauging in rounds.

3. That stupid point at the top will not go away!

Something I learned about this hat just now when I looked it up on Ravelry:

Everyone has the same pointy hat problem, and they aren’t using acrylic, which makes me conclude that this pattern sucks.

Lessons I learned in a the past couple days:

1. Do not plan large projects with discontinued yarn colors. (Oops…)

2. Estimate the amount of yarn I have better. (Oops…)

3. Taking apart this hat to get the color is a great idea. (Color is Red Heart Super Saver’s Country Rose.)
Bye bye, horrible hat!


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