S&T Sunday: The 50’s 50

Last time on The Adventures of a 50th Anniversary Afghan, little 50 was growing up very nicely.

Now, I’ve completed the centerpiece!

You may notice the bit of red in the middle. Interesting story, I was running low on the rose color, and couldn’t find it in the store, and at some point was having some internal dialogue that goes, “GAAAAH! What am I going to do?!?!” Finally, as I mentioned last week, I took apart that really ugly hat, because it was the same color, but still it wasn’t enough. That’s why there’s that red in the middle, because I was freaking out about running out of yarn. That also explains the blue/green center of the zero.

As of now, only 200 squares to go! Wooooo~!



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2 responses to “S&T Sunday: The 50’s 50

  1. Love what you’ve done here – solving what to do after running out of yarn has made this unique! =D

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