200 Blocks Crochet Along

At Rachell’s blog, she’s having a CAL.

CAL – Crochet ALong

I figured what the heck, I’m crazy anyway I’ve already got a ton of other things to crochet, what’s another project?

We are going to crochet through 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans by Jan Eaton. I got my copy!

I’m already a month behind (they started in September), but there’s no time limit (that I could see). All the participants are aiming to do about 3 blocks a week. I’m going to start at block one and work through.

It may say 200 blocks, but this is a lie. Jan Eaton counts color variations as a different block. What kind of bullshit is that? As I’m already going to be using different colors from the book, there are only 128 squares.

The theme is “cottage garden.” Based on that I decided on these colors:

When I think cottage garden, I think GREEN, because of that every block should have at least some green on there so I bought an excess of green skeins. I have two shades of green: Kelly and Lime. I flipped through the book, and the most colors any square had was eight. It was very difficult deciding on the 8th colors, but finally decided on white for some neutral color balance.

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting the different blocks on here!



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7 responses to “200 Blocks Crochet Along

  1. Hi! Just to advise you, Rachel said that the CAL is at your speed. Since mine is 2 for September. :/ Glad to have you. Beautiful squares coming out!

  2. We’re aiming to crochet 2-3 blocks a week, but some people are going faster and some much slower. It’s just nice to have people along with me. There are lots of tips and hints on the Ravelry forum I’ve set up, so any question just ask as there are some very experienced crocheters there. Send me the link to your first block post and I’ll add it to my CAL bloggers list if you want.

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