S&T Sunday: It’s Over! x50

After a month of non-stop blocks, I present the completed product!

The final product is a little bigger than a twin bed. I’m pretty happy with it. The blue and teal stripes were a good idea, and the original red, yellow, and orange might have been too monochromatic. Even though, the gray square corners were done on a whim, I’m very happy with how those turned out.

Now, what does this mean? I CAN HAVE A LIFE AGAIN! I can go out without feeling guilty. I don’t have to worry about not doing a set number of squares a day. I can read books again! I can play video games! I can do things that don’t involve worrying about this!

Not that it wasn’t a good experience, but given the time limit, there was a lot of pressure to finished this, and now it’s done! WOO-HOO! Party~~~~!



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