S&T Sunday: CAL #7-9

I just made the neatest hat, but I can’t show you yet. 😦 You know, spoilers and all. In the meantime, the CAL squares:

7. Corner Granny: It looks like a small flower. Very fitting for the “cottage garden” theme. The row connecting the pink and yellow is suppose to be all back loops, and I don’t really understand why.

8. Popcorn Flower: While this yarn is AWESOME, the popcorns are very disappointing. They don’t pop much at all. If you can’t see, the popcorns are in the middle of the square. A popcorn is 5 dc grouped together.

9. Arcadia: I love this square! It’s beautiful, and I would gladly make an entire blanket using this!

119 more squares! YAY!



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7 responses to “S&T Sunday: CAL #7-9

  1. Hi Catz they are too cute😎

  2. denisedenise

    Looking good! And I can’t wait to see your hat!

  3. The back loops thing is meant to stop it curling -I *think*

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