S&T Sunday: CAL #13-15

I’ve been so tired lately. I had trouble reading all these patterns. There was a lot of: “Eh?” “Nooooo!” “I don’t want to start over again. :(” and “It looks nothing like the picture….” Regardless, got it done!

13. Circle in a Square: I really like this pattern, especially the shape of the border around the circle! I just wished I didn’t do the white, and maybe picked a darker color instead.

14. Alhambra: I think the pattern was messed up, but I did decide to make this at like 11 at night, when I couldn’t fall asleep. 😕 It told me to not do the last rep, so that I would only have three sides. Don’t know what was going on there. Just gave up and looked at the picture and did it from there.

15. Corner Square: Ta-da! Colorful! (Jazz hands here.) I had some trouble working the little green square, but once it gets going, it works just fine.


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