S&T Sunday: Back to CAL (#16-18)

I’ve been falling behind a bit with these, because of the holiday and it’s been busy at work. This week’s squares are really nice though; I love all these patterns.

16. Waterlily: It’s a freakin’ 3D flower! O.O This is like the coolest thing ever, and way easier than I thought it would be. Amazing, no? Definitely, my favorite one this week.


This is what the back looks like:

waterlily back

17. Alternate Bobbles: Bobbles are really great. They make a pattern pop and are easy to do. Who doesn’t like an entire square of bobbles? 🙂


18. Traditional Granny: And of course, a traditional granny square. Very straight forward, and the colors are very nice together too.


I’m seeing more bobbles for next week! Woot woot!


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One response to “S&T Sunday: Back to CAL (#16-18)

  1. Like the colours on your trad Granny, a lot.

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