S&T Sunday: Sailor Science!

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, it’s Sailor Moon! The most difficult one to make to make, because there are so many parts (the hair alone is six parts!) It was worth it, though.

SM front

The front…

SM back

…and the back.

The pattern for Ms. Sailor Moon is here.

As I do work in science, for the final lab present, we have an Erlenmeyer flask:


It’s a bit overstuffed and fat, lol…. What’s the yellow? To be super science-y, it’s precipitate. (For non-science people, that’s the solid bits in a liquid. The more you know… da da da.) The pattern is here.

These are all the lab presents! That’s not all the presents this year, but maybe I’ll take a break and go back to some CAL squares next week.


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