S&T Sunday: CAL #19-21

It has been many weeks since the last one, but it is back again! CAL squares #19-21 are here.

19. Lacy Cross: This is a really nice pattern, and it might actually look better if I used a solid color yarn. The rainbow makes it more difficult to notice the cross.
lacy cross

20. Colorful Bobbles: I love this! Bobbles are amazing, and having these little poofs of different colors really make this pop.
colorful bobbles

21. Blue Shades: As this is called Blue Shades, I tried to keep the blue colors. Unlike #15, the square is worked from the long green edge to the small green square, rather than from the small square to the larger edge. I like this method better.
blue shades



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5 responses to “S&T Sunday: CAL #19-21

  1. Super blocks- like all the blues in the last one!

  2. The lacy cross is doing funny things to my eyes 😉 I think it’s the rainbow yarn!

    Blocks are looking good

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