Fan Friday: Snowflakes

It has been very cold lately! Winter is really here- unlike last year’s faux-winter, where temperatures stayed usually above freezing.

It seems with winter, comes snow, and in particular snowflake afghans seems to be rather popular. Check out these two:


This first one was made by Coricutecore. I love the two different snowflakes, and the light blue trim looks really nice.


This second afghan is from bqueencollection. I’ve never done hexagons before but doesn’t it looks so cool? It’s so neat!

This makes me want to make one too! I’m a fan. 🙂



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3 responses to “Fan Friday: Snowflakes

  1. I love the bqueencollection pattern.

  2. As a purist, the first one aren’t really snowflakes as they aren’t 6-sided 🙂 but it is very lovely. I like the second one even more. Thanks for posting them.

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