S&T Sunday: CAL # 27-29

What to do on a snow day? Crochet, of course! One of the squares this week is rather fitting this week, given the huge blizzard. We got 2 feet of snow and only lost power for a little bit, but thousands of others are still without power. I hope everyone is staying safe. I went to dig my car out yesterday- took me 4 hours. The snow plow left 5 feet of snow behind my car to shovel out. Interesting everyone went to dig their cars out around the same time, and I got to meet my neighbors.

27. Snowy Stripes: The spike stitches are very easy to do and I think they’re very pretty.

snowy stripes

28. Christmas Rose: The colors noted in the pattern are “Christmas colors.” I changed them, and the yellow rose is much prettier. Actually, the color combo here is my favorite.

christmas rose

29. Bobbles Stripes: It’s BOBBLES! ❤


Stay warm everyone!



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2 responses to “S&T Sunday: CAL # 27-29

  1. I especially like your colours for 27. I wasn’t so happy with my choice but yours look fresh and clean and yes, snowy!

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