Fan Friday: Rainbow Snake

No updates all last week?! Sorry about that. The word is most probably, “hectic.” Mainly, I REALLY need to finish writing my thesis but last weekend had very little of that and very much of just a weekend of visiting fam and a dentist appointment. My thesis is coming along rather slowly. I’m really trying to finish writing all the chapters, but once the foundation is done, it’s just all editing. I can’t decide if editing is more or less of a pain, but as my advisor says, “Start at 80% and work towards 100%.” However, I’m starting to think 100% is impossible.

Although, this blog really gives me a nice break from the thesis. I take about an hour per week to look for projects for these posts. An hour of amusement. 🙂

The family visit was all about Chinese New Year, which started earlier this month. It is the year of the snake! (That’s for everyone born in 2013 and every 12 years before.) I looked for some cool snake projects, and look at this rainbow one made by Lucy at Attic24:


Also, notice how much colorful yarn is just on her sofa! A wonder! Her snake post can be found here.

I’m a fan!



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4 responses to “Fan Friday: Rainbow Snake

  1. Gloria

    The rainbow snake makes a good present for a little kid. It’s so pretty and colorful! And you know I’m a sucker for cute, small objects 🙂

  2. That snake is on my to-do list but the list is so long!!

  3. Good luck with the thesis!

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