S&T Sunday: CAL #30-32

The squares this week aren’t my favorite. My color choices are definitely terrible. 😦 I guess I’m a bit distracted and just grabbed whatever balls of yarn I thought seems matched. How wrong that was.

30. Shell Lace: This is probably the only square I’m happy with. The pattern is rather nice, and you can’t go wrong with a solid color.

shell lace

31. Primrose Square: It just looks like play-doh: elementary school primary colors. I’m sure with the right colors, it wouldn’t be so bad.

primrose square

32. Oblique Square: Not very exciting.

oblique square

Hopefully, next time will be better.



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5 responses to “S&T Sunday: CAL #30-32

  1. I like them actually! The shell lace most of all I think.

  2. Hey Katz! The green lace is my fab too 🙂

  3. Emily

    I’M HAVING TROUBLE! with #32! After you switch colors it says repeat rows 3-6 twice but there is NOOO row 6 labeled, what do i do???!!! Please help! ASAP!!!!!

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