S&T Sunday: CAL #33-36

Here we are again with CAL squares. I missed doing these.

This time the whole page was all pink squares. Really pretty, but I changed some of the colors to match my blue/green garden theme.

33. Pretty in Pink: Another corner-type square. I really like multicolored yarn for simple single crochet. πŸ™‚

pretty in pink

34. Band of Bobbles: I love bobbles! The color is more like an aqua green color, but my camera makes it look very blue.

band of bobbles

35. Tricolor Square: This is a nice pattern.

tricolor square

36. Pink Stripes: A super easy square made with half double crochet so it was also very quick to make.

pink stripes

Not sure that my project will be for next week. =/ I finished most of projects.



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2 responses to “S&T Sunday: CAL #33-36

  1. Your Tricolour square is super! Best I’ve seen

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