Friday: Please Help Me?

Not a Fan Friday. 😦

I’ve been trying to make this sweater, where I need to sew the pieces together.

More importantly, how do I do this? There are no guidelines on how to do this.

I’ve sewn the shoulder together, but now how do I attached this sleeve? It doesn’t seem to match up very well with the armhole. Um…? Please help.

sweater arm



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8 responses to “Friday: Please Help Me?

  1. well…I don’t usually do knitting or crocheting, but it looks like the logical thing would be to pin the center of the sleeve (curved part) to the seam on the shoulder you just did (right sides together), then match the two ends at the bottom of the curve to the ends of the main piece, and ease any fullness of the sleeve in between the top and the ends – and baste! with big long stitches until you get it the way you want it. hope that helps even a teeny bit.

  2. There are two ways you can do this
    The first way is to take the sleeve and open the sweater front/back so that they are not laying on top of each other. Then, right side of the sleeve to the right side of the sweater, stitch the upper curve of the sleeve to the curved part of the sweater. This will take some ‘easing’ which basically means it won’t fit exactly. This is your top shoulder seam.
    After that, you fold it so that the sleeve folds in half and the right and back of the sweater are together again, right sides together. Now you can stitch the sleeve and the side seams of the sweater as one stitch. This is your bottom shoulder seam, sleeve seam, and side seam. This method has only two seams, but stitching the top shoulder sleeve can be tricky.
    The second way you can do this is to fold the sleeve in half, right sides together,and stitch from the bottom of the sleeve up to where it indents. This is your sleeve seam.
    Then, with the sweater folded as it is now with the front and back right sides facing, stitch from the bottom to where it indents. This is your side seam. Now, turn the sleeve right side out and with the sweater right side in, stick the sleeve, bottom of sleeve down, into the opening at the top of the side seam,. Match the side seam and the sleeve seam, and stitch around the circle. This is your shoulder seam. This method has three seams, but generally requires less easing.
    I’m sorry if this is a little confusing, if you have any problems e-mail me

  3. I would put right side to right side with the sleeve against the front and starting at the underarm cast off join half of the sleeve armhole to the front, easing to fit up to the shoulder seam. Then turn it so the other half of the sleeve arm hole is against the back and do the same.
    When both sleeves are joined I would turn the sweater inside out and join the sides from the bottom to the underarm and the sleeve from the cuff to the underarm.
    I would pin the pieces together at each stage of the joining before I started sewing. Taking the pins out as I went.

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