Pile of Squares

It has been so hot lately! 😦 Sometimes I’m sweating so much, I think I’m melting.

Despite this, I’ve still tried to crochet in my free time.  In fact, I’ve completed a good amount of squares on the red blanket.

Not good enough. There are still about 20 squares to finish the blanket, and then I’ll have to piece them together.

Ick. And it was so nice yesterday. I had the windows open and there was a breeze; what happened good weather? Where did you go?



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2 responses to “Pile of Squares

  1. I feel the same way here in NC. I do a majority of my crocheting at night and have the fan pointed directly at me. It is just too hot during the day. And to think, August and September haven’t gotten here as yet!!!! I hope I can get a window unit before then…LAWD!

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