CAL #40-41

Only two today. I managed to squeeze these in between making the red blanket for my friend and general life. 😀 I’ve been reading so many books lately. I need some sort of book holder so I can crochet and read at the same time. Ha ha ha! And no, I don’t like audio books. Otherwise, that would work out.

I’m really excited, because the red blanket will probably be done soon. The squares are looking really good; they’re all finished. I just need to stitch them together and do a border. I’ll be sure to blog about it when I’m done!

For now, here are:

40. Granny with a Twist: I think I was tired of the green, so only a bit of green here, and mostly blue. I don’t want to piece all these squares together later and see a washed out green blah. It’s a good contrast with the rest of the squares.

granny w twist

41. Bobble Triangle: Again, I’m using a lighter green, just to mix things up. Love me some bobbles though! 😉

bobble triangle

Don’t worry. I haven’t abandoned this project. I’m going to finish- albeit slowly.


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