CAL #42-44 & A Short Bit On Conscious Box

So this morning I ate a really icky breakfast. I recently subscribed to this monthly healthy food/lifestyle/eco-friendly sample box called Conscious Box. There was a really good deal for 50% off a subscription (Code: EarthMonth, if you’re interested), so when a regular 3 month subscription is about $60, and now I’m paying less than $10 a box with free shipping- totally worth it, right? Then I get about 10-20 product samples per box- even more worth it, right?

Well, in the first box, I got some health bars, kiddie snacks, tea, and vitamin supplements(??). Of these, some are okay, others are really gross- and yes, I will admit, I ate a snack bar meant for toddlers, and it was rather enjoyable and very filling. Anyway, not awesomely thrilled about the vitamin supplements, and sometimes these natural food products really are just not tasty. Overall, probably won’t be renewing this purchase, but I just couldn’t pass up on that deal. Maybe the next two months will be better. MAYBE. I’ll keep you all updated on that.

On to more interesting things, like crocheting! Some of my time has freed up, because I have finished the red blanket. Woo-hoo! I’ll be posting about that soon. In the meantime, while I’m planning my next project, I did some CAL squares. 🙂

42. Lacy Wheel: Easy. I’m starting to really like the squares that are round in the middle, and then become squares.

lacy wheel

43. Four Patch Granny: Probably the smallest granny squares I’ve ever made- cute. I’m in love with the colors on this.


44. Subtle Stripes: The book has this so that the colors sort of fade one into the other, a gradient, I guess it’s called. Hence, the stripes would be subtle. I didn’t have the proper colors for the slow fade, but I tried my best to make this transition from pink to blue and back.


I’ve now completed 44 out of 128 squares. That’s only about 34%. No worries- this is totally getting there. Maybe I can get to 50 by the end of the weekend (yeah, probably not), you never know.

Since I recently moved, I dug up all the squares I’ve done so far to organize them. It’s actually a lot! Some people are going to make a blanket with their squares, and with only 44 squares so far, it’s already a really good sized blanket. I’m thinking maybe a blanket, pillow covers, bags, and scarves when all the squares are done. It doesn’t just end- there will be more fun after the completion of the squares.

I laid all the squares out, and the color combos right now are fantastic.




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6 responses to “CAL #42-44 & A Short Bit On Conscious Box

  1. Coming along beautifully!

  2. J

    Those are so pretty! I’d just sit there and play with them and organize them in different ways over and over and over and…

  3. They’re lovely all together, really make a good colour combo

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