The Red Blanket, Part 2!

Yes, it’s finally here! I’ve been blogging small bits about this piece for the last couple months, and now it’s here. With seven different granny squares hooked together to make a blanket about the size of a twin sized bed, The Red Blanket Part II is now completed. You can’t even tell that I ran out of the multicolored yarn, unless you look really closely.

red blanket

Photo courtesy of G and her wonderfully lit living room, because the lighting in my apartment is terrible.

There’s a total of 45 squares. Not bad. The original Red Blanket had 25 squares, and this is just a heavily modified version of the original.

In other news, you may remember that I was trying to lose some weight a couple months ago. I’m happy to announce that I was sort of successful, as I’m not at my goal weight yet, but I did lose weight. 🙂 Just losing 5 pounds really changes how you look (and feel)! I was very surprised. Continuing with that, there’s a website called DietBet, where you are basically betting against yourself (and maybe thousands of other people) with real money to try to lose 4% of your weight in 28 days. I’ve signed up for one, and as I’m really conservative/serious about money, I WILL DEFINITELY LOSE THE 4% OR ELSE!! Yeah, I think it’s a really good motivation. If I do manage to lose the 4%, then I’ll be at my goal weight! This is happening; it’s a thing!

Lastly, two more days until my yarn giveaway ends. Be sure to enter if you want some nice yarn! 😀



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