This is a Plug for Adventure

Two things:

1. My coolest, smartest old lab buddy, J, has this really neat blog reviewing subscription boxes for clothes and beauty, like Birchbox or Goldentote. She also talks about just clothes and beauty without reviewing boxes, so, totally check it out if you like being girlie! Adventures in Subscription Boxes!

Adventures in Subscription Boxes

(Totally stole that from your site, J.)

Actually, I just got notice that a new subscription box I have order just shipped (the Wantable Intimates box), and if it’s really good, I’ll post some details! 🙂

2. My yarn giveaway is ending tomorrow, so if you want to enter and you haven’t please do! Alpaca yarn is so soft, you NEED it in your life!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! If I finish some CAL squares I’ll post them this weekend.



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2 responses to “This is a Plug for Adventure

  1. J

    Ooooh, let me know about the intimates box! I was so tempted but their first month sold out so fast!

  2. Goodness!! I missed it 🙂

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