My September KnitCrate is Here!

Last month I sighed up a new subscription box: KnitCrate! It came in the mail today! It came in this large red/pink shiny envelope, and at first, I thought, “Did Ipsy send something super large this month?” (Ipsy is a makeup subscription that uses pink shiny envelopes.)

KnitCrate is a monthly or bi-monthly yarn subscription. There are eight different subscription types: beginning knitting, inter/advance knitting, crochet, baby, minis, indie, sock, and fiberbox. I got the bi-monthly crochet box, and am so excited.

I chose KnitCrate because it gives the option of crochet. I found most other subscription boxes are mostly knitting oriented, so I was really happy about a crochet targeted subscription. Woo!

sept knitcrate

I got nice hand dyed yarn from Lorna’s Laces. It’s a merino wool blend. The color, Monkeyshines, is okay, with the blue/gray/yellow combo, but maybe it’ll look really good once I’ve actually created something with it.

I like that I get a pattern that can use the yarn. It’ll make a cowl/infinity scarf. Another subscription was more like a yarn of the month box, and while you can never have too much yarn, I might never know what to do with it. So, I’m really glad that they give a pattern to use with it. This is more like a crochet project of the month type thing.

There is also a Fix-a-Stitch extra, which seems to be more targeted toward knitters to fix their knits and purls. (I don’t even know what purling is.) I will probably gift this to one of my knitting friends.

Lastly, I got a Dyeabolical aloe and olive oil luffa soap. There was so a promo code for 20% off the Soap of the Month club, which I will probably use. πŸ™‚

Overall, I’m happy with the products that I got. This is a really fun subscription, and I’m so glad I found this.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea there were crochet kits of the month. I’m going to be doing some research now!

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