CAL 46 & 47

This week I’ve been working on the cowl/infinity scarf. I’ve encountered a slight problem. No worries, it will turn out to be okay in the end.

…Just like my 4% weight loss challenge! I’ve loss 4 pounds since the beginning of September, and I’m absolutely thrilled about it. There’s one more week left, and I’m determined to get it to work. Either way, if I lose the last bit or not, I feel better- less sluggish, and I get really uncomfortable when I don’t work out. New habits are forming. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, here is more CAL squares!

46. Meadow: This pattern is great! I could make a whole blanket with this.


47. Queen Anne’s Lace: The actual flower, Queen Anne’s Lace, is very fragile and delicate looking. This pattern shows that really well.

queen anne's lace

It’s been a slow week of crocheting CAL. Actually, it’s been a slow year on this CAL. Everyone else either stopped or finished already, so I’m super far behind. I’ll finish all these squares- DEFINITELY.



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3 responses to “CAL 46 & 47

  1. They look great. Keep going… Tiny steps add up to make 200 blocks (or a big blanket) πŸ˜‰

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