CAL Milestone: Made it to 50!

After a long and rather distraction-filled battle, I’ve reached square #50! I’m pumped! It’s only taken a year to get here. Actually, that’s averaging about 1 square a week! 😀 Pretty good actually. Now, hopefully, it won’t take that long to finish the other 78 unique squares. Ah, but it’s Christmas presenting time. 😦 Oh.. well- soon.

Also, my Yarnbox has shipped! What surprise yarn will I get?

48. Danish Square: I’m beginning to question my choice of yellow here. Actually, I’m beginning to question all my color decisions in this square.

Danish Square

49. Rainbow Stripes: Sometimes you just can’t go wrong with a rainbow. These would make really cute corner squares on a blanket.

Rainbow Stripes

50. Seminole: More rainbows! I decided that, in keeping with the theme, to make green the more prominent color. Unlike the Danish Square above, I like the color decisions here.


I’ll do my best to keep this up! 😀 Happy crocheting!


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