The Craft Show has Happened!

After a hard month of crocheting, I made it to the craft show on Saturday! I forgot my camera, so here are a couple pictures from my friend’s phone. Thanks, G, for helping me!

Craft Show
I paid $20 to reserve the space, and my only goal was to basically make back that money. Make small goals and build it up later, right? It was definitely a good experience. The show was in an elementary school. I expected my audience to be mostly students and their parents, and that was definitely true. However, I did expect a larger audience, but overall, it was a small crowd.

My friends had given me some of their jewelry to fill the table, so I sold 3 jewelry items. (I managed to get a sale with a 2 for $10 deal.) Then I sold 3 minion cup cozies. At least, I managed to make back the $20 table fee.  The woman in the table next to me also sold jewelry and only managed to sell two things. Now, I have enough for Christmas presents and stock for next time. That’s right- next time. I’d be more than willing to do another craft show.

For next time though, prepare ahead of time. Give myself more than a month to make things. I might mix up my stock too.



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