Probably for a Grandmother

So, still not sleeping through the night, but that does allow for more crocheting to get done.

Here we have a scarf made from my October Yarnbox yarn!

chevron shell scarf

It is based on this Chevron Shell Cowl pattern (heavily modified on my part), expect that I didn’t want to make a cowl, because I assumed that I would probably, most likely, gift this to one of my grandmothers. Both grandmothers are not a fan of cowls- good old fashion scarfs work really well. Since it’s not a cowl, I added some tassels to make it look more finished. Also, both grandmothers are not a fan of patterns with a lot of holes, and while this isn’t a very tight knit, it’s also not a super loose knit either.

Although, it’s soooo soft, I want it for myself. The Fiber Hound yarn is a little (more like a lot) out of my price range right now, so I can’t get more of this yarn until later to make a nice scarf for myself! However, one of my grandmothers burned the last scarf I gave her (it caught fire on a candle during prayer- a bit of a humorous story looking back on it,) so I should probably just give her this scarf. It’s shorter than the last one, so it probably won’t catch fire this time! 😀


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