December 2013 Yarnbox

It came! It came!

Yarnbox is one of those things that doesn’t email out tracking numbers, and you actually have to log on to their site to track them. That way, I let this be a surprise in the mail. It was a perfect ending to a really long week! Boy, was it looooong. Ugh. Hopefully, once Jan 10th hits, all this long holiday/traveling stress will just be over. (The Jetlag will take over, and life will return to normal.)


december 2013 yarnbox

In this month’s box, there were two types of yarns available depending on how you set your profile. Some people got Holiday Yarns’ Flock Sock, but I got Knitting Rose Yarns’ Swiss Bloom in Blue Suede Shoes (it’s worsten yarn). This yarn usually retails for $29, and I got two skeins! There were also free patterns from Rachel Coopey (for knitting socks) and Tanja Osswald (for crochet handwarmers). There are discounts on their patterns too. Lastly, there was a tiny candy cane- seasons greetings, indeed!

Rachel seems to have a whole collection of knitting socks, and based on her blog, she has some pretty cool hair. (It’s the purple color!) Also, FYI, Tanja has good free scarf patterns on her Ravelry!

I love the box this month!



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5 responses to “December 2013 Yarnbox

  1. I dropped some hints this year, hoping for a subscription for Christmas!

  2. Ooh what an amazing idea! I’d love to get this in the post!!! Not that I need any more yarn really…

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