A Supernatural Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas! Merry Christmas! Is everyone ready? On the news this morning, they were saying that stores are thinking there will be a huge wave of customers today to do all their last minute shopping. I hope you’re not one of those people stuck doing the shopping today, but good luck if you are.

Here’s one of the presents I made this year! Since I have already given this present to my friend, I can show you. She is a huge fan of Supernatural, so I made these little figures for her of Sam, Dean, and Bobby. She says they look like Voo-doo dolls. What do you think?


(Left to right) Dean, Sam, and Bobby

I love Bobby’s beard, but I think beards are VERY attractive in general. 🙂 Sam’s hair was more out of control than I had anticipated, but that’s just what his hair looks like… sort of. To make it, you just make a small cap (like Dean’s hair), and then pull loose yarn through, and then you kind of trim it out in a nice haircut. Most important thing I learned from this: I should never be a hair stylist.

This pattern was from WonderAnn on Etsy. There was also Castiel and Lucifer in the pattern, but I only had time to make those three.

Enjoy a lovely holiday!


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