It’s a Cupcake Set!

Happy New Year! It’s New Year’s Eve right now on this side of the world, but to the other side, Happy New Year! 😀 For 2014, I hope to do the usual- better health, lifestyle choices, and get more yarn projects done! Do you have any hopes for next year?

Now, another present for my sister! So, last year, I made her this cupcake hat, so it is only fitting to have a cupcake scarf to match! These patterns are from the Twinkie-chan book. I put pom-poms on the hat using fabric glue, and it’s actually really annoying to deal with, which is why on the scarf, there were no more pom-poms.

cupcake scarf

cupcke hat

They’re so cute! It would be so easy to dress up as a cupcake!

Have a happy new year, everyone!


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  1. creative pixie

    Happy new year to you.

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