CAL #54-56

If you’re thinking, “She didn’t post CAL squares for months, and now she’s just whipping them out, all while not actually being here.” The truth is, I’ve been hording them for a little bit, and then there were other things to post, and then Christmas. Also, just last week, I sat down, after Christmas, and crocheted about 6 squares in a row. Looks like this project might be done by the beginning half of the year. 😀

I should be on my way back today, on a plane or stopped at some layover.

54. Framed Flower: So, for most of the squares on this page, I kept most the color schemes that the book had. The flower in the middle with the little cross is really nice, right?

framed flower

55. Centered Square: The center is basically a granny square. I was also trying out this denim colored yarn I got, and it looks kinda nice actually.

centered square

56. Plain Granny: This is just as the title suggests, a plain granny square. The book says to do 7 rows, but I might have to frog the last one, because it’s a bit bigger than the other squares. We’ll see how that turns out.

plain granny

Happy crocheting!


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