CAL #57-59

There are bobbles this time! LOVE IT! All the blocks on this page of the book had this pink/coral theme going, but I ignored that. Here are three more squares! Woo-hoo!

57. Arrowhead Bobbles: One word: BOBBLES. 😀

arrowhead bobbles

58. Peach Rose: The flower in the middle is simple to do, and I love the bordering around the flower. The border actually looks more impressive in the book, so I wonder if I block this out, if it’ll be nicer. The flower looks more like a wheel, than a flower, don’t you think?

peach rose

59. Coral Quartet: I’d like to think the color decisions here were okay. I think they compliment well. Looks like something from a child’s room, simple but cute!

coral quartet



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4 responses to “CAL #57-59

  1. Lovely blocks. I often ignored the book colours.

  2. I like your color choices on the blocks – I think it’s very nice 🙂

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