January 2014 Yarnbox

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this month’s box. It is so pretty and shiny! The theme this month is called Fairy Lights, and the yarn fits really well into this theme. It came a little later than usual this month, but it’s always worth it! Actually, I was a little nervous, because when I peeked into my mailbox, it looked like my box was opened, but it doesn’t look like I’m missing anything-phew.

jan 14 yarnbox

There were two different types of yarn this month. Both yarns were from Knit Collage. The first yarn is their Stargazer Silk in French Vanilla, which is 100% silk yarn with brass sequins on in. I love the idea of working with sequins (and I don’t have to thread it on). It’ll make a really cute hat. This yarn is valued at $32 (which is already the price of the box!). The second yarn is their Pixie Dust Mini in Seashell Pink, which is a wool/mohair/angelina mix. It’s valued at $28. Both yarns are soooo soft and just absolutely gorgeous!

The featured designers this month were Cheryl Kubat with a free knit hat pattern, and Lianka Azulay with a free crochet Crocodile Stitch Hooded Cape! I’m so excited to try to make a freaking cape, and I’ll finally have an excuse to learn the crocodile stitch. Also, as a bonus gift this month, the creative director of Yarnbox included a free pattern too: Hannah Thiessen made a free crocheted cowl pattern for all Yarnbox members.

Finally, since I ordered a 6 month subscription, it includes a free gift for first timers. 😀 They usually ship it out in the fourth month and it’s my fourth month! I picked crochet as my preference, so I got a lovely set of bamboo crochet hooks! They’re not like regular crochet hooks either, more like Tunisian crochet hooks, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to teach myself. Perfect!

This may be my favorite subscription box this month!



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2 responses to “January 2014 Yarnbox

  1. Oooh that looks awesome! I’m so jealous!!!

    I hinted for a yarnbox subscription this year for xmas. Then I came right out and asked for one. Then I whined for one. no good. My hubby told me he didn’t think it was worth it for what you get….I think he just doesn’t know the price of yarn…which may actually be a good thing.

    I shouldn’t complain though, I really got a lot of awesome stuff for Christmas….and besides, there’s always my birthday LOL

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