CAL #64-66

Yesterday was fairly delightful. I rushed to get all my errands done by 10AM (I’m really good at fast grocery shopping), and then I dropped more money than I should’ve at Kohl’s (I have a problem when I walk in that store), and quickly made it back to my apartment before the snow got too bad, and spent the rest of the day with my TV and yarn. I did manage to finally finish that one square that was taking forever and can move on. 🙂 Today’s not so bad either, but I think I feel ANOTHER cold coming on. Ugh, pick it up, Immune System, pick it up.

I have a business trip coming up on Tuesday to go to California! That’s going to be a huge weather change for sure. For now, let’s just hope I don’t get sick… again.

I have uploaded 3 lovely squares today. I was finally able to get some light into the apartment! Since all the leaves have fallen off, and the snow reflects so much light, a lot of light has been able to get into the apartment. They’re still a bit blurry- I need to work on my picture taking skills.

64. Sunshine Lace: This was simple enough. I think a whole blanket made with this one square with different colors would look nice.
sunshine lace

65. Patriotic Sunburst: It does say “patriotic,” so I couldn’t just ignore that- good ole red, white, and blue. (Actually, the entire page featured red, white, and blue squares.) It also fits in nicely with the Olympics! Have you been watching? Figure skating is great!
patriotic sunburst
66. Abstract: Here we have another single crochet square. While boring to make, once again, the pattern comes out nicely. Maybe I should blow up this pattern, make it large enough for a canvas, and sell it for thousands and thousands of dollars, like a real abstract painting. 😉
I’ll post a few more squares when I get back from my trip. Until then, happy crocheting!


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