Winters in Cali and CAL #67-69

After a very interesting trip back, here I am at home! Finally!

My coworker and I reached Washington DC for our layover, but then the flight back home got canceled (something about the crew)! 😦 There were no flights back until next week, so we rented a car and drove all the way back to Rhode Island (~8 hours+stops). On the plus side, I got along with my coworker the whole time and even after spending all the time with him, I still don’t hate him. You know, sometimes you just spend a lot of time with someone during a stressful situation, and you just can’t stand them anymore. Didn’t happen!

In California, after the trade show was over, we wanted to visit Napa Valley, but that was a bit of a long drive, so we decided to go to Winters, CA instead. This is the cutest little town with a population of about 6800 people. There we found some wine (and even as a person who usually dislikes wine, it was good), cheese, and steak! I also found a yarn store there: Spin-a-Yarn. It was great! Since my coworker took me into an electronic cigarette store earlier in the week (Who knew there were whole stores for that purpose? It was pretty neat actually), it was only fair that we went into a yarn shop. I would highly recommend visiting this town!

spin a yarn cozy knitting area

Spin-a-Yarn Store!

Anyway, let’s move on to some CAL squares. I have some mixed opinions about this batch.

67. American Beauty: Love this one! 3D flowers on squares are really fun!
american beauty

68. Red, White, & Blue: I don’t really know what happened here…. I’m hoping it’ll stretch out when I sew the blocks together?
red white and blue

69. Fudge: On this page, we mostly had brown shaded squares, so one of the colors is actually brown, but otherwise, I went with other colors. I liked how this one turned out.
Happy crocheting! I’m going to post about my February Yarnbox tomorrow! I got it in the mail, and it’s really pretty. Can’t wait to show you!



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