CAL #70-72

I wanted to post these over the weekend, but then I got distracted. So, while I wait for my flight to Chicago and hope it’s not too cold there, here are CAL #70-72.

70. ZigZag: This is a single crochet square. It was actually a little difficult to get it at first, because it was confusing on how to carry the yarn through, but I think I made out okay.

71. StarFlower: This is probably one of my favorite color combos (besides green and purple), as I’m starting to notice they pop up in my squares very often. The star in the middle is really pretty!
72. Ribbed Square: This is actually a really common pattern that I use for hat brims because it’s really good at stretching.
ribbed squareI’m hoping to finish another square, so that I can post the next bunch by mid-next week! Until next time, happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “CAL #70-72

  1. you’re in luck! we’re having lovely weather in Chicago this week…it’s actually supposed to get above freezing at some point!

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