March 2014 Yarnbox!

Anyone doing the NCAA bracket? My bracket is not doing so well. I’m running the office pool at work, and nobody got the whole Duke/UMass thing. That was a killer. Good luck if you are doing the bracket, and let’s move on if you’re not interested.

This month’s Yarnbox has yarn all the way from Switzerland! The company is called Siidegarte, and they’re run by two moms. They sent out a 50% silk and 50% merino blend called Siide-Flauschig. Two colorways were available to subscribers: an olive green color called Aichblatt and a teal color called Bachbumele. (I’m really glad I don’t have to say any of these words out loud, because that is a disaster just waiting to happen.) These usually go for $29 a skein!

I got the teal color and it is so bright! I love it!

The featured designers this month were Deja Jetmir for crocheting with a free cowl pattern and Alex Tinsley for knitting with a free hat pattern.

march 2014 yarnbox

It’s yarn-tastic!

This is my last month in my 6 month subscription, but I think I’m definitely going to resubscribe. Worth it! 😀



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2 responses to “March 2014 Yarnbox!

  1. Oooh so pretty! I always love reading your Yarnbox posts! It always makes me just slightly jealous though 😉 lol

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