Candy Colored!

Malaysia was great! It was hot and humid and I mostly stayed in a hotel the whole time but it was a really great work experience. The flight was really long. We made stops in Washington DC, Tokyo, and Singapore. So the number of hours I’ve spent traveling these past three months is, to summarize, a lot! While I’ve enjoyed it, it’s nice to be home with my yarn again.

It took me a while and this isn’t as useful anymore because the weather is warming up. I’ll be able to use it next year though. I was excited about the yarn. The colors remind me of cotton candy! It was on sale on Knitpicks.


Even though it feels thin, it is actually very warm. I made it extra long so I can wrap it around a few times. It’s an infinity scarf even though it probably looks nothing like that in the picture. In fact, I look like some colorful bandit or something there- hahaha! It’s the colors that matter! They’re so pretty!


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