Breakfast at Dorne

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! This year I found this book! I am basically having an all day cook off to prepare for a feast when Game of Thrones is on tonight. I’m pretty sure I’ll do a recap of the food in a later post.


A Feast of Ice and Fire! How can one not be excited?!

This book is actually really cool. It has a medieval version of a recipe and a modern version too. Also, they recommend what particular recipes pair well with each other.

The only downside to the book is that some of the things in this book are definitely for UK people, because I have no idea where to buy blood sausage, quail, mutton, wild boar, or turnip greens in the USA. Also, there’s a recipe for rattlesnake, and I don’t think it’s attainable on the east coast. And if anyone hunts rabbit, I’d really like some meat! 🙂 But, I think I can substitute quail with cornish hens. Other than that, there are a lot of other things I can make in it.

For example, for breakfast this morning, I made a complete breakfast feast!

breakfast at dorne

Breakfast at Dorne

Here is Breakfast at Dorne, which has a Middle-Eastern vibe to it. There is scrambled eggs with a large mix of peppers, as well as a pepper side dish. Really colorful, right? It’s paired with some fingerfish, which is basically deep fried anchovies/sardines (LOVE IT) and flatbread. That bread took me about 3 hours to make. It was crazy, but I love it! Finally, I made some lemonsweet, which is a mix of lemon and orange juice. I bought a juicer for this purpose- completely worth it!

Then later on today, I made some tarts.

arya's snitched tarts

This is the medieval version entitled Arya’s Snitched Tarts. They taste very good! I had to boil some red wine and honey, add some fruit to that, candy some walnuts, and fry some sweet dough. The dough is suppose to be crispy and when it soaks up the wine mixture, it’s suppose to soften. I didn’t wait for it to soften, and it still was delicious! I made about 50 tarts. O_O The book says that British readers will recognize this as ancestors to the Jammie Dodger, which I looked up and to US readers, it’s like a cookie with jam on top. This does taste like that, but it’s definitely not jam!

Overall, not a bad Easter Sunday so far. It has definitely been a fat Sunday- hahaha! 😀


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