A Feast of Ice and Fire!

As I mentioned yesterday, I cooked a feast yesterday to watch Game of Thrones (and Mad Men right after)! Here’s how it turned out:

feast for game of thrones

Let’s go over all this food, shall we?

First, I baked some Crusty White Bread. I let the dough raise overnight in the fridge, and was able to make 3 loaves, just like the recipe called for. There was a beet soup. It was actually very vinegary tasting, and I wasn’t a huge fan. The main dish was a rack of lamb, which is actually really easy to make! I was pleasantly surprised. For sides, I made buttered carrots and buttered turnips. The turnips actually ended up tasting like mashed potatoes. Finally, for dessert, there were Arya’s tarts and Sansa’s Lemon Cakes. To go with all this, some mulled wine, which taste like sangria.

The lemon cakes were actually from a recipe from Living Better Together. It was my first time making candied lemons, and they’re really good! The cake is really dense, and gets lighter toward the bottom. Aren’t they pretty?

sansa lemon cakes

It was a really good meal to enjoy with a really good show!

The next post will probably return to some yarn! 😀 Until then, happy eating and crocheting!


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  1. J

    That looks amazing! Now I’m hungry!

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