April 2014 Yarnbox!

Welcome to May! I was hoping to get this post up in April (since this is the April Yarnbox), but it has just been rain-rain-rain all week. I was hoping it might clear up to get a better picture, but this will just have to do.

april yarnbox

April is all about the purple, or shall I say, Lavender Haze from the merino line, VivaciousDK. The featured brand this month is fyberspates from the UK. I love the color! It’s beautiful. The yarn is very soft too.

The designers this month are Wieke Van Keuien from the Netherlands with a crochet scarf pattern and Allyson Dykhuizen with a knitted cap pattern. Allyson has some really nice knit patterns!

Also, as a bonus, Yarnbox also sent a pair of stitch cutters, which is great because my last pair got confiscated at the airport.



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3 responses to “April 2014 Yarnbox!

  1. Oooh another beautiful yarn! I love the colour!

  2. I loved this month’s yarn! I received the Mixed Magentas, and the color is gorgeous! I too love how soft the yarn is and am looking forward to crocheting my daughter a dress with it. While I loved the knitting pattern, I wasn’t super excited on the crochet pattern. Too bad I don’t know how to knit… yet.

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