This July-

– an inconceivable thing is about to happen… I will finish the CAL (probably)!

The ladies at Stitches ‘n’ Scraps and Mollie and Claire decided that they had enough with unfinished projects, and decided they wanted to get it done. They created the Finish It Challenge! (Open to all forms of fiber arts!)

finishitchallenge2014 badge 1 small
This is a 1 month challenge from July 1-31 to basically finish any projects that are over 6 months old. Notice that the CAL started more than a year ago. Hopefully, I can finish the 50-60 squares that I have left during that time! Fingers crossed!

Check out this post here for more info:

And join the Ravelry group here:



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3 responses to “This July-

  1. Very exciting! I saw this first on Mollie and Claire’s site. I have many unfinished projects. But then I had to ask myself, do I have any that I actually really want to finish, or have I “gone off them”? I’m yet to decide. Best of luck to you!

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