Sometimes We Just Have to Get Creative

Previously, I mentioned that I was working on a Tunisian crochet project, and that it required a hook with an extension, but I couldn’t find one unless I shelled out at least $100 for a whole kit.

Well, looks like it finally reached a point of saturation for loops on the hook. Oops!

Luckily, ever since a larger extension of my family members have realized I love to crochet so much, they pick up random hooks and left over yarn from yard sales, flea markets, etc. While this is wonderful, I am running out of space for all this yarn. It really does look like some yarn fairy decided to litter my apartment. However, this is also a plus, since I dug through the stuff they gave me and found out that I have TWO other Tunisian crochet hooks of the same size needed for this project. (Did I even need to buy my own? Nope, probably not- I’ll have to check the stash next time.)

Now, since my hook was running out of space for all the loops, I figured out a way to use two hooks.

Two Tunisian hooks!

You start with one hook, and when it starts getting full, you make a simple switch and begin to use the second one. Haha, now it really does look a bit like knitting.

I’m really excited about this project, as it is almost done! There are about 10 more rows to make a ruffle finish, and by the end there should be about 610 stitches. FYI, I’m glad I have 3 hooks of this size. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Happy Crocheting! Until next time!


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