Summer Shawl


The Tunisian crochet project is complete! Am I excited? YES. Would I do it again? NO. There were just too many loops towards the end, and even with THREE hooks, it was pretty tightly packed. When loops are that tight on the hook, my hand starts to cramp up. Oh, crochet problems.

The finished result is a summer shawl. It can work for fall too, but the colors remind me of summer. Ta-da!

There’s a nice ruffle edging that is much easier to make than I had anticipated. Actually, the whole Tunisian crochet thing is much easier than I thought. It does end up looking a lot like knitting. Here’s a close up of the center part:

I will definitely try other Tunisian projects in the future, but hopefully ones that don’t require an extension. Hee hee, oops.

I have finished this just in time for July, so that the Finish It Challenge can be the main focus! Wooo! Am I excited to make squares? You bet!

Also, I got my Yarnbox, which I’ll post about next time. Just in time for my birthday too!

Happy Crocheting!



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2 responses to “Summer Shawl

  1. As a knitter as well as a crochetter I have never been sure what tunisian crochet would add. What do you think it brings?

    • I am not a knitter, but as a crocheter, I think that I am able to get the look of knitting by using a crochet hook. It adds an element of texture that wouldn’t be possible with just crocheting. It’s a fun, new skill.

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