Yarn for My Birthday! June 2014 Yarnbox

It’s my birthday! I am now 26 years old. I was going to get myself an ice cream cake, but I don’t know why I’m not feeling it. Today I’ve mostly been hanging with the guinea pigs. Chloride is being difficult- again. Sodium is usually like, “Whatever! Yay! Okay! Let’s do this!” Chloride, on the other hand, is always a little nervous- “I don’t know, Sodium. Maybe it’s not really a carrot. I think we should think about this first. Um….” But after a little while, he’ll get comfortable and be okay with it. Chloride is actually a lot like me in that regard- heh heh heh.


Hello from our home!


Earlier this week, I got the June Yarnbox! Woo~! This will have to do instead of the ice cream cake. Hahaha…. 😀

The yarn this month is actually really great.

june 2014 yarnbox

There were a variety of colors from ArtYarns. I love the green/purple blend (aka my two favorite colors!) The bigger skeins are both a merino wool yarn. Also, the tiny skein of silk and sequins is so pretty. It will add a nice colorful accent to something I’m sure.

The designers this month were Iris Schreier, who is also the direct of ArtYarns! She was the knitting designer, but for crochet there was Julie from ACCROchet, who has a free ski bunny hat pattern.

Overall, this was a great box! I loved it!

Have a lovely day and happy crocheting!


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