Uh oh- Not Looking Good

So, the Finish-It Challenge is happening, and I’m crocheting as fast as I can, but it’s not looking good. I have about 30 squares to go and 4 days. A lot of personal things have been going on this month- all for the better. There’s always a small adjustment period when there’s a change, you know? So, with that in mind, here’s to trying to finish all the squares by the end of the summer!

84. Combination Stripes: As with most squares of this nature, it just doesn’t come out to be a nice square shape. Otherwise, I think putting the sage green next to the Kelly green is really difficult to tell in this picture.
combination stripes

85. Lemon Stripe: This one I kept the color scheme in the book, because it is rather fitting for the theme. 🙂 The popcorns in the center look a little off though….
lemon stripe

86. Sunray: I like this square a lot! It’s nice and bright (just like a sunray- haha!) The cutout looks more like a flower to me, and also in the book looks more like a swirl- either way, I like how this turned out.

87. Peony: 3D flowers are so pretty. The construction is really fun, because it starts like a flat thing, and you slowly build upon it. I really like how the flower blossoms. (Pun intended! :D)

Cheers! Happy crocheting!



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2 responses to “Uh oh- Not Looking Good

  1. They’re really pretty. Do you think with blocking they will be straight?!

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