July 2014 Yarnbox

On a completely unrelated note, I just watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It is just so different from the book. I’m super surprised the screenplay was written by the author of the book! I know this movie came out about two years ago, but still, I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while, because I read the book when it came out. The book is basically the biography of Abraham Lincoln, except, you know, everything bad that happens is caused by vampires. A- book, C+ movie.

Back to actual yarn things: it is here! Actually, I had completely forgot about this for some reason. I’ve been really distracted with work and life. Then I came home, saw the package box key in my mailbox, and immediately thought, “I don’t remember ordering anything for this time.” What a wonderful surprise it was! 🙂

yarnbox 2014

This month my box featured Fiber Lady‘s Makicot yarn. It is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, and it says it’s DK weight, but it looks a little thinner to me. Can you believe I got 3 skeins?! I’m super excited! Each skein is about 305 yds, and normally, each skein would cost me $24.00!

As for the feature designers this month, crocheting is Sandra Paul, who has a free shawl pattern, and if you check out her Ravelry page, she has some really beautiful patterns. They are so colorful! For knitting, Kati Mohr was featured, and she has some really nice fingerless gloves patterns.

Also, I found this funny, but as an added bonus, there was a coupon for cat food. Haha, because clearly yarn and cats are somehow always going to be associated. If only it was guinea pig food ;). Hee hee!


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  1. Maybe they think all crafters must have a cat. 😉

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